Taking care of the neglected parts of body. 

Hi everyone.. hope you all are doing well.

Finally monsoon has arrived. Grab your tea or coffee and let’s talk.
I am going to discuss something very different from skin and hair care. What if we talk about the most neglected parts of our body?
If I tell you, the underarms, the elbows, the knees are the most neglected parts of our body ; do you agree with me?
Without any doubt we all wash our face regularly, we scrub,we moisturize, we apply different packs and what not.
Do you follow the exact same process for your underarms? Or for knees? If not. Then start doing it as soon as possible.
I’m here to help you out.

#Taking care of the underarms
Just like the way we wash our face with a face wash; we all need to wash our underarms with a body wash or you can use a face wash.The skin of underarms are usually thinner than the other parts of our body.

  • Another most important thing to remember is don’t use any soap for your underarms. Do not. Because some of us is already suffering from dark underarms, do not make it worst by applying a harsh soap.
  • Do not use any hair removal cream girls. Yes, you heard it right. Those are not good for skin and may cause darkness.
  • Instead of hair removal cream use a razor. According to me the best option is waxing. Waxing reduces the darkness and gives a silky smooth skin. Here I want to add one more point that is try to scrub the area before waxing. By doing so you will get the best result.
  •  Everyday whenever you take bath wash your underarms thoroughly.
  • After every two days scrub your underarms. You can make your own scrub (DIY scrub is given below) or you can buy a body scrub. My own favorite is the sugar scrub.



1. Take 2tbl spoon of milk

2. Mix 2tbl spoon of sugar

3. Add a pinch of turmeric powder.

Wait for a while until the paste becomes little thick.
Apply evenly on your underarms.

  • Toning is optional but I am obsessed with the toners.
  • Lastly apply a body milk or a body cream.
  • One additional super-pack for lightening the skin tone of underarms.
DIY charcoal pack

 1.Take 1/2tbls spoon of activated charcoal powder.


2. Add 1tbl spoon of honey, here i am using organic honey for this pack.

3 Mix well and apply. Leave till the pack gets dry then wash it off with water.

#Taking care of your elbows/knees
We are going to follow almost the same procedure for our elbows and knees..

  • Every time while bathing wash your knees and elbows with a loofah. Loofah will help to clean the dirt.
  • Unlike the underarms, the skin of elbows and knees are thick and tends to be dark quite often.
  • Scrubbing is as important as cleaning. Use the same body scrub for your knees/elbows which you are going to use for your underarms.
  • Do not forget to moisturize your knees as well as elbows.

I’m going to show you an additional step for dark knees/elbows. For betterment you can try this.  


1. You need some sugar, one lemon, one tomato for this scrub.

2. Cut a lemon into halves.

3.  As shown in the picture take some sugar and rub the lemon onto the effected area.

4. Wash it off with water, and directly rub a tomato slice to finish the whole procedure.

Hopefully now you can live a happy and peaceful life! 
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  1. Yoly says:

    Great post… I will definitely try this 😉

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  2. This surely helps 😊👍

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  3. This is really interesting – thanks! I love these simple DIY scrubs. 🙂 Great post. Blessings, Debbie

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