CTM routine

Hi! Hope you all are doing well!πŸ’“

Who does not want a flawless skin, shiny checks, pink lips and bright eyes? who?

Well we can get all of the above using right concealer, highlighter and with a false eyelash, but is that a permanent solution? No, right.

So, can’t we have a healthy routine for our skin;a very simple basic routine. let me tell you the simplest way to get glowing healthy skin and believe me girls I have been following this routine for 8years now.

1. cleansing (C) 2. toning (T) 3. moisturizing (M)

Follow this CTM routine for 4 times a week and for the remaining 3 days we will follow CSTM rule!!

1. cleansing (C) 2. scrubbing (S) 3. toning (T) 4. moisturizing (M).  

  • CLEANSING: For cleansing you need to understand your skin type (dry/combination/oily)  and what your skin need (glow/acne free/pimple free/tan removal/brightness). Depending upon the above criteria first select a cleanser or face wash.

** I believe in quality product not on the costly product!!πŸ˜‰

My recommendations are –

                                             Himalaya Neem face wash, 150 ml, INR 140/-

                                              Biotique Bio Neem face wash,150 ml, INR 108/-

                                              Neutrogena Deep Clean, 200ml, INR 379/-

  • SCRUBBING: Always, Always , Always use a gentle scrub for all skin type. Do not use any rough scrub on your face ever. If you have mistakenly bought a rough, very dry scrub use it on your body not on your face.


A: Neutrogena  Deep Clean scrub, 4.2 ounce , INR 823/-

B: Biotique Scrub, 100ml, INR 119/-

C: Lotus Scrub, 80 gm, INR 112/-

D: Aroma Magic Scrub, 100 ml, INR 160/-

  • TONER: What can i say about toner, without toner I’m nothing. I just can’t explain how important this step is. Toner is the product which decides whether you are going to have good, pimple free clear skin/ rough,dirty, bad skin. You just can not miss  toner for a single day.

Now the products I have been using for long time are Oriflame aloe vera toner and alternately            tea tree toner from the same brand.


                                   Oriflame Aloe vera / Tea tree toner: 150ml, INR 329/-

  • MOISTURIZER: Everyone wants a baby soft, smooth skin. Remember if you forget to moisturize your skin then  nothing you can change. In my case I have used many kind of moisturizer but the consistent one is Lotus cocoa moisturizer.

In case of moisturizing our skin oils play a huge part. So, once in week try to use a mixed oil

deep cleaning technique.

That is all for today. Thank you for reading my blog. Stay tuned for more posts. πŸ‘©β€

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  1. I love the neem face wash!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I recently bought a lotus product for trial . It’s a sunscreen,is it a quality product???


    1. Yes, definitely. You must try it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Candia says:

    Thanks for following my posts.
    Should follow your three steps. Used to use toner, but stopped for some reason…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks to you too for following my post. Glad that you found those steps essential. 😁
      Then let me know the result.


    2. Thanks to you too for following my post. Glad that you find those steps. 😁
      Then let me know the result.


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